Skydive SOLO!

Your very first skydive – SOLO!

Let our experienced instructors teach you how to skydive solo safely with our recognized AFF course, where you can expect to make not one, but several solo skydives! There are no serious prerequisites, but you do need to weigh less than 100kg’s, and be in good health.  All training is one-on-one, and tailored to suit each students needs. Learn to skydive solo from the very beginning, with the Queensland Skydiving School!

No! You don't have to do a tandem skydive before skydiving on your own, we simply conduct a ground briefing course in the morning, and that same afternoon you'll be jumping out of a perfectly good aeroplane!*


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*Subject to weather and instructor availability.

What’s included

  • Skydiving theory course
  • Equipment briefing
  • Freefall ground training
  • Canopy control training. 
  • Emergency Procedures
  • First Skydive
  • Debrief and logbook


The AFF course is set out in stages (jumps) for pricing. See the cost structure below.

  • Stage 1: $495
  • Stage 2-3: $290 each
  • Stage 4-8: $250 each
  • Stage 9: $185

For more information, and pricing for our Static Line Courses, please visit the Skydive CQ website.