Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I meet you?
Please meet at The Surf Club Bribie Island, First Avenue, Woorim (on Bribie Island). You'll find our check-in office at the rear of the building.

Can I bring my own GoPro on the skydive?
No, APF regulations require a ‘C’ License to carry a camera during any skydiving activity. No exceptions will be made to this regulation! Friends and family are welcome to take photos and video of your landing.

Where will the landing location be? 
We change our landing location (drop zone) based on wind direction, air traffic clearance and tides - therefore we don't know which drop zone we'll use on Bribie Island until approximately 30 minutes prior to your arrival. Ask our pilot when you arrive, and he can direct your family and friends to the correct drop zone location. 

Do you have Gift Vouchers?
We sure do! Starting at $299, our gift vouchers are valid for 6 months from purchase. Check out your options here.

Can I pay with EFTPOS/Credit Card? 
Cash payment for photos and videos is preferred, but if you have to pay by card we do have mobile EFTPOS facilities. Credit Cards (not SAV or CHQ) are subject to a 1.5% surcharge.  

What's the minimum age?
The Australian Parachute Federation allows anyone between the ages of 12 and 18 years old to skydive with their parents consent. Parents must sign the waiver forms prior to the skydive, or be present on the day. 

Is there a maximum weight limit?
Our equipment can take anyone up to 110kgs for a tandem skydive. Those skydivers 95kgs and over are subject to weight surcharges. (Correct weights are important for aircraft safety). 

How long will I be there for?
Depending on weather conditions, staff, airways clearance and transfer time from the beach, you will normally spend 1.5 hrs with us, but in some cases it might take up to 6 hours. 

Can my friends/family watch me land?
Yes, for sure! We use a range of landing areas for differing wind conditions, so check-in staff can advise your spectators as to where they should wait for your landing. Once you've landed, enjoy a FREE local beer, house wine, or soft drink at The Surf Club Bribie Island - you'll find your drink voucher in your post-jump pack.

What do I wear?
Closed in shoes are mandatory. Wear jeans, or long shorts and in winter, bring a jacket – it's cold up there!

Where do I collect my video and photos?
Photos and videos can be collected from The Surf Club Bribie Island not long after your skydive. By the time you've been upstairs to enjoy your complimentary drink at the club, they'll be ready for collection!

The weather is bad, when will I find out if my skydive is happening?
Depending on the conditions, we may call you to reschedule your skydive. In most cases, we won’t know if conditions are suitable until we arrive at the airport. Please don’t call us three days before your skydive and ask us about the weather.

More questions? Give us a call on 1300 663 634!