10750462_993595573988414_4325973911096548409_oThe Cessna 206 is one of the most popular skydiving aircraft in use today. With the ability to carry 6 passengers plus a pilot, some call it the SUV of the skies. In fact, the model name assigned to the Cessna 206 is "Stationair", short for "station wagon of the air", which we think is totally appropriate.

We operate VH-SPI, a recently refurbished Cessna U206. Converted to skydiving use by removing the doors and seats, it's also been fitted with a wind curtain, single point restraints and padded floor. Purchased in April 2014, VH-SPI is known as one of the most powerful Cessna 206's in Australia. With a full load of skydivers, we can be leveling off at 14,000ft in as little as 15 minutes!


1979133_1013258248688813_1076739064307167066_oVisit any dropzone in the world, and chances are you'll find a Cessna 182 somewhere. Known as the workhorse of the skydiving industry, these versatile aircraft are ideal for skydiving use, carrying up to 5 skydivers plus their pilot to heights of up to 14,000ft. 

We operate VH-FOW, a Cessna 182P which has been a 'jump plane' for as long as anyone can remember. With a padded floor, jump door and large step on the landing gear, FOW is perfect for sport skydiving, tandem skydives or for training new jump pilots (JPA courses). Purchased in early 2015, VH-FOW is based at Skydive Central Queensland but occasionally makes the trip down to Bribie for busy weekends and during VH-SPI's scheduled maintenance. 

For pilots wishing to become APF Jump Pilots, we run training courses in VH-FOW! Give us a call to enquire about the best pilots job ever - flying skydivers! 



With such a high performance aircraft, we treat them with the utmost care, and exceed the strictest of maintenance standards. Our pilots perform thorough daily inspections on every aspect of the aircraft, and all maintenance is performed by Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (LAME) - so rest assured you're in safe hands.

Ask our pilot for a tour of your skydiving aircraft before (or after) your jump. They'll be happy to show you around!